Funding for the Hohokam MAPPS Program

Some of you have asked how the MAPPS Program at Hohokam, Johnson, Lawrence, Maldonado, and Miller was funded.  Here’s a brief summary.  Most of the support came from Title I funds.  The major part of these funds was used to pay stipends to the facilitator/teachers and to pay for their training.  Other support came from TUSD’s Family Support which provided mini-course childcare and some of the meals served before each mini-course session.  TUSD’s Native American Studies Department also provided meals.  TUSD’s Meaningful Access provided the English-Spanish interpreters.  Support from outside the District came from the Institute for Mathematics and Education (IM&E), which provided food for the training sessions, a meal preceding one mini-course, and parent incentives for the mini-courses.  The incentives were canvas bags (printed with the TUSD, the Yaqui Tribe, and the MAPPS Center logos) and 100 raffle prizes handed out over the eight week course. IM&E is housed in the Mathematics Department at the University of Arizona.

– David


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