MAPPS on Facebook

If you are a member of Facebook, we would like to invite you to check out our own Facebook page at!/pages/Tucson-AZ/Math-and-Parent-Partners-MAPPS/113617902015089?v=wall&ajaxpipe=1&__a= or type “MAPPS” on the search application on your page. Please make sure that when you do type “MAPPS” that it is all in capital letters.

This Facebook page will give us an opportunity to update you on events, topics for discussion, and new blog posts on our main website at The page will also be able to serve as a venue for you to discuss and share how you have been using MAPPS for your parent involvement program at your school.

We only ask you to enjoy our new page by remembering that all content that is posted by anyone needs to follow a protocol that promotes a positive learning environment, decent use of language, and a respectful manner toward accepting and expressing opinions and thoughts.

– Christina


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