Math and Parent Partners Curriculum Materials are Free Online


With the changing demands of school budgets, the Math and Parent Partners (MAPPS) Center is now offering the curriculum materials at no cost to teachers and parents.  These are available online at the MAPPS Center website:

The mission of the MAPPS Center is to help children improve their mathematics skills.  To accomplish this, we enlist the support of the student’s peers, families, and their schools.  We also focus on changing the way we as teachers, parents, and students learn the mathematics and how we view ourselves as learners.  We can begin accomplishing this through explorations in math through cooperative learning, critical thinking tasks, and using different tools to help us achieve success.

We have had the privilege of seeing such a great shift as to how parents, teachers, and students learn the mathematics and we can continue sharing this experience by providing our materials to you at no cost.

When you are ready and open to receive training, consultation, or have questions regarding how to set this program up at your school, or site, contact us!


Links to the MAPPS Center Materials

Math for Parents K-4 Workshop Materials (English and Spanish) 

Math for Parents 5-8 Workshop Materials (English and Spanish) 

Math for Parents Mini-Course Materials 

Best Regards

Christina Grossman, MAPPS Center



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